Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Routine

My original idea was to simply have the one post and have all the letters in the comment section of that post. But I don't think that the search spiders and such internet information devices are set up to watch blogs in which there are no additions to the posts themselves. And in any case, people who are used to blogs will usually know that to get to the earliest posts, you go to the bottom and work up, or into the archives.

So now I will use the message section as the delivery point of your letters, and transfer the more effective ones into the posted section. This also solves another important quandry. I don't want this to be a contentious exercise, but by the same token, I do not want censorship either, even with me in charge. The best of both worlds is to turn the most worthy comments into posts, yet still leave the dregs back in the eventual pack of less intrinsically useful communications. Hey! I just realized, this is my First Amendment.

Since I too, can occasionally exhibit a certain abrasiveness not appropriate to a direct address to the President, I use other places on the net to test out my remarks before I decide to post something intended as a direct communication. I admit recently saying something disparaging about Putin. However, I did not say it while he was technically the Head of State. Not only that, I made my remarks in Hungarian, which I thought appropriate, in honor ofthe abortive Hungarian rebellion during the Cold War.

Also, since my stroke, my Russian is almost totally useless. In any case, I waited until he became a puppet master instead of Head of State.. Those of you who may have some curiosity about my more abrasive remarks can just Google me and look around.

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